Winner Of Festive Photo Contest

Meet Otter and Abby, both rescue pugs from Seattle, WA. They are the winners of the festive photo contest! Here is what Otter and Abby’s human, Amanda Eagan, has to say about her fur babies: “Otter is 9 and I had him first ( he has a human style FB page with the name Otter Pop or He was a stray. Abby is my … Continue reading Winner Of Festive Photo Contest

Becoming Pet CPR And First Aid Certified

I have completed the Pro Pet Hero cat and dog first aid and CPR training course. I chose this particular certification course because it is the only online pet CPR and first aid course that is veterinarian instructed. I feel that being instructed by a certified veterinarian gives me a little more credibility. It took about two hours, and I did it over the course … Continue reading Becoming Pet CPR And First Aid Certified

Why Every Home Needs A Pet

Whether you are single or married with kids, keeping the company of a pet in your home life can be beneficial to you in more ways than you can imagine. For a single person looking for some company, adopting a cat or dog is a wonderful way to bring some companionship into your life. According to Allen R. McConnell, PhD, author of “Friends With Benefits: Pets … Continue reading Why Every Home Needs A Pet

Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

The Neater Feeder dog bowl has solved many problems for Johann and I. Before the Neater Feeder, we used plain old tin water and food dishes. We started looking for a new feeding system because we kept having a problem with ants getting into Johann’s food bowl (yuck). We haven’t had a problem since. One thing that’s convenient about the Neater Feeder is that it comes apart for easy … Continue reading Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

5 Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Do you ever feel like you and your dog are drifting apart? Maybe you have a busy work schedule, and have little time to spend with your dog. Don’t worry, the relationship between you and your furry friend can be mended through these simple tips.   Talk to them. Hearing your voice brings your dog comfort and helps them to feel important in your life. … Continue reading 5 Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Dog Park

Dog Park Etiquette

The following is a guest post that I’ve written for a fellow dog blogger, Isabel Cupryn. Check out her blog at She is writing a guest post for The Pup in Apartment 3 that will be forthcoming shortly. The dog park is a wonderful place for dogs to socialize with other dogs and run off-leash, especially if they don’t have a large backyard to run … Continue reading Dog Park Etiquette

Apartment dog Fetch

So Fetching Cute

It’s been a little chilly around here lately, but today was just a beautiful day. It’s the warmest I’ve ever seen in November. Fantastic weather for playing fetch with my pal. We grabbed one of the tennis balls hiding under the couch and ran outside for some exercise in our courtyard. We have this grassy, fenced in courtyard just outside our back door. It’s where we let Johann … Continue reading So Fetching Cute

Bath Time!

If you’re anything like me, you like keeping your pets clean and smelling nice. Especially if you live in close quarters with them (like in an apartment). My beauty routine for  Johann includes brushing, bathing, brushing teeth, and occasionally clipping his nails or trimming his bangs. Brushing: Johann has the Aussie-like coat. He mats easily on his chest and flanks. I’ve found that if I brush him … Continue reading Bath Time!