The Easiest Homemade Dog Biscuits EVER

I’ve always wanted to try baking some homemade dog biscuits for Johann. My problem is that I prefer to be able to cook things that I already have ingredients for, rather than going to the store to buy something. This recipe is slightly modified from one I found on the internet from It is simple enough that you can bake treats for your dog … Continue reading The Easiest Homemade Dog Biscuits EVER

Why Every Home Needs A Pet

Whether you are single or married with kids, keeping the company of a pet in your home life can be beneficial to you in more ways than you can imagine. For a single person looking for some company, adopting a cat or dog is a wonderful way to bring some companionship into your life. According to Allen R. McConnell, PhD, author of “Friends With Benefits: Pets … Continue reading Why Every Home Needs A Pet

Seasonal Dog Dangers

Winter can be a stressful time for dog owners. Many seasonal products and decorations can be harmful to our furry friends. Ice melts, flowers, wreaths, toys, Christmas trees, and ornaments can all be a potential hazard for your pet. Ice melt is a common problem for dogs in the winter. Chemicals added to ice melt can irritate a dog’s already dry and cracked winter paws, … Continue reading Seasonal Dog Dangers

Training Your Dog To “Go To Bed”

One of my favorite commands to use with Johann is “go to bed.” I use it when we have company, when someone is at the door, when we’re leaving our apartment, when I’m cleaning/vacuuming, and whenever he’s just in the way. It’s very convenient to be able to send him to his bed as opposed to locking him in his crate. After learning “go to … Continue reading Training Your Dog To “Go To Bed”

Keeping Your Home Hair Free

Fluffy dogs are adorable. I’m a fluff lover. But owning a fluffy dog comes with a price… Dog hair. Everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it. For me, at least. I’m sure many people reading this also agree that they are willing to sacrifice a hair free home for their fluffy friends. Well, you don’t have to. There are many tricks to keeping your … Continue reading Keeping Your Home Hair Free

First Snow Day-Winter Tips For Dogs

It snowed in northern Utah last night for the first time this holiday season! Does your dog like to play in the snow? I know mine does. Johann loves snow. He took one look at the snow covered courtyard and took off frolicking around like he just won the lottery. Soon his beard and his legs were caked with snowballs. A few winter reminders: Dogs … Continue reading First Snow Day-Winter Tips For Dogs