Becoming Pet CPR And First Aid Certified

I have completed the Pro Pet Hero cat and dog first aid and CPR training course. I chose this particular certification course because it is the only online pet CPR and first aid course that is veterinarian instructed. I feel that being instructed by a certified veterinarian gives me a little more credibility. It took about two hours, and I did it over the course … Continue reading Becoming Pet CPR And First Aid Certified

Neater Feeder Dog Bowl

The Neater Feeder dog bowl has solved many problems for Johann and I. Before the Neater Feeder, we used plain old tin water and food dishes. We started looking for a new feeding system because we kept having a problem with ants getting into Johann’s food bowl (yuck). We haven’t had a problem since. One thing that’s convenient about the Neater Feeder is that it comes apart for easy … Continue reading Neater Feeder Dog Bowl