Ways To Save Money For Dog Owners

Food, toys, vaccinations, boarding, kennels, treats, training, pet deposits, and many other costs that may be necessary to dog ownership add up. There are, however, many tips and tricks to cut down on pet expenses in order to live frugally with your furry friend. These are some tips that I’ve learned can help dog owners keep their pooches happy and healthy without breaking the bank. One of the … Continue reading Ways To Save Money For Dog Owners

Living In An Apartment With A Dog

  Living happily in an apartment (or anywhere, really) with a dog takes work. A dwelling in such close quarters with other people presents it’s challenges, especially when you have a dog. When living in an apartment with a dog, it is crucial to take the time and effort to train your dog properly, to exercise them regularly, and to groom and maintain them. Training your … Continue reading Living In An Apartment With A Dog

The Easiest Homemade Dog Biscuits EVER

I’ve always wanted to try baking some homemade dog biscuits for Johann. My problem is that I prefer to be able to cook things that I already have ingredients for, rather than going to the store to buy something. This recipe is slightly modified from one I found on the internet from Cesarsway.com. It is simple enough that you can bake treats for your dog … Continue reading The Easiest Homemade Dog Biscuits EVER

Training Your Dog To “Go To Bed”

One of my favorite commands to use with Johann is “go to bed.” I use it when we have company, when someone is at the door, when we’re leaving our apartment, when I’m cleaning/vacuuming, and whenever he’s just in the way. It’s very convenient to be able to send him to his bed as opposed to locking him in his crate. After learning “go to … Continue reading Training Your Dog To “Go To Bed”

Keeping Your Home Hair Free

Fluffy dogs are adorable. I’m a fluff lover. But owning a fluffy dog comes with a price… Dog hair. Everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it. For me, at least. I’m sure many people reading this also agree that they are willing to sacrifice a hair free home for their fluffy friends. Well, you don’t have to. There are many tricks to keeping your … Continue reading Keeping Your Home Hair Free

5 Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Do you ever feel like you and your dog are drifting apart? Maybe you have a busy work schedule, and have little time to spend with your dog. Don’t worry, the relationship between you and your furry friend can be mended through these simple tips.   Talk to them. Hearing your voice brings your dog comfort and helps them to feel important in your life. … Continue reading 5 Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Potty Training Tips

Having a tough time with house training your dog? Follow these rules and you’ll have a potty trained pup in no time. Use A Kennel. Potty training and crate training go hand in hand. Your dog is less likely to relieve himself in the place where he sleeps. Remember to take your dog out on regular intervals; if he goes potty in his crate, you should be … Continue reading Potty Training Tips

Bath Time!

If you’re anything like me, you like keeping your pets clean and smelling nice. Especially if you live in close quarters with them (like in an apartment). My beauty routine for  Johann includes brushing, bathing, brushing teeth, and occasionally clipping his nails or trimming his bangs. Brushing: Johann has the Aussie-like coat. He mats easily on his chest and flanks. I’ve found that if I brush him … Continue reading Bath Time!