Winner Of Festive Photo Contest

Meet Otter and Abby, both rescue pugs from Seattle, WA. They are the winners of the festive photo contest! Here is what Otter and Abby’s human, Amanda Eagan, has to say about her fur babies: “Otter is 9 and I had him first ( he has a human style FB page with the name Otter Pop or He was a stray. Abby is my … Continue reading Winner Of Festive Photo Contest

Festive Photo Contest

The Festive Photo Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and submitted photos of their pets. Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways from TPIA3. The Pup in Apartment 3 is having it’s very first giveaway contest! To enter the contest, submit a photo of your festive pet via email, and subscribe to TPIA3. Put your pet in a Christmas sweater, go see Santa Clause, … Continue reading Festive Photo Contest