My name is Eliza Jessee. I live in apartment 3 with my husband, Chris, and my mini Maltaussie (Toy Australian Shepherd/Maltese mix), Johann Sebastian. We are located in the beautiful Cache Valley of northern Utah. Chris and I are both students at Utah State University, and both of us are studying music education. He’s a percussionist, I play alto sax and accordion. We met in the Aggie Marching Band here at USU.

Johann and I enjoy sharing our experiences and have started this blog so that others can learn how to keep their furry apartment friends healthy, happy, trained, clean, comfortable, and stylish, all on a budget. Johann has been a great blessing in my life, and although my husband and I were a bit skeptical about keeping a dog in our small apartment while working and going to school, it has worked out beautifully. Chris and I are able to keep Johann happy, healthy, and trained well, regardless of our tiny dwelling and busy schedules. I am writing this blog in hopes it will help others do the same with their pets.

Johann is not a rescue dog, although we hope to add a rescue to our family someday. My parents got him as a replacement for my childhood dog, who got hit by a car while I was on vacation. Shortly after I moved away to college, I was diagnosed with some mental health issues and put on medication, which did little to help me and had awful side effects. It was suggested that I try getting an ESA, or Emotional Support Animal. I thought it was worth a shot, and was able to get Johann prescribed as an ESA. Being able to keep him in our apartment with us has greatly helped my situation.

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