7 Things You Should Do BEFORE You Get An Apartment Dog

You’ve decided to bring a furry friend into your apartment. You can’t wait to bring your new puppy home. While you may be overflowing with excitement, there are still several things to consider before picking up your new friend. Keeping an apartment dog requires a lot of planning, research, and preparation.

Organize. Where are you going to put the kennel? Where will the food bowls go? These are things that seem inconsequential, but may cause some stress if not planned in advance, depending on the size and layout of your apartment.


Make a schedule. Most of us have things going on in our life that don’t allow us to spend all day with Fido. It is a good idea to write in your planner what times you will be taking the dog out for potty breaks, feeding time, play time, exercise, grooming, or training. Dogs rely on consistency. If you will be bringing a puppy or untrained dog into your home, having a schedule worked out will especially help with potty and crate training, and will help your apartment dog adjust to his new home.

Have a variety of toys. Every dog is different and has different toy preferences. Johann loves squeaky stuffed animals, but my mom’s lab would just rip them to pieces. She is not an apartment dog and would tear apart my place, though. Having several different kinds of toys available to your pup will help you find out their preferences and make it easier for them to adjust to your apartment.

Make a shopping list. Your new apartment dog will need all kinds of things in order to thrive in your home. Make a list of all the things you will need, and then go out and get them before bringing your dog home. This will make the transition easier for the dog and for you.

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Decide where you will take your dog to go potty. If you live on the eighth floor of your apartment building, you may want to keep a grass pad on your balcony where your dog can do his business. Luckily for us, we live on the first floor and our back door goes straight out to a grassy courtyard. Either way, it should be thought through. You don’t want to be on the eighth floor with nowhere for your dog to go potty.

Research good apartment dog breeds. Find out what breed of dog will be happiest living with you in whatever space you have available. NOT whatever breed is the cutest or cheapest. Choosing the right breed of dog is critical for your success as an apartment dog owner. It is also important for the health and happiness of the dog.


Talk to your landlord. There could be a no-pet policy you are unaware of or certain breed/weight restrictions you should know about. If you don’t get explicit permission from your landlord, you could get evicted or have to remove your dog.






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  1. Proper planning is definitely important when a furry new friend will move in with you! I’d also suggest taking the pup for a nice long walk before bringing him into the apartment. That way, he’ll be more relaxed and calm when checking out his new abode.

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