Pet Friendly Winter Fun 2016

It’s winter. The hiking trails are closed, the dog park is empty, and it’s freezing cold out, but there are still plenty of fun and pet friendly activities for you and your pooch to do this winter! We have taken Johann out on many winter outings this holiday season.

One thing that we love doing in the winter is sledding. Johann chases us down the hill when we go down on the sleds and he loves galavanting through the snow. He gets his exercise and we get to have some wholesome winter fun.

winter pet friendly

Another winter activity that we enjoy is snowboarding. More and more ski resorts are becoming pet friendly, so if your dog loves dashing through the snow, consider finding a resort near you that is dog friendly and make a day trip out of it.

Building a snow fort or snow man with your dog can also be an enjoyable winter activity, provided you have enough snow, which isn’t a problem for us.

If the weather is just too cold this winter or your dog doesn’t particularly enjoy snow, indoor activities are a viable option as well. Teach your dog a new trick or try a new dog biscuit recipe. Perhaps take them on a pet friendly shopping trip or for a leisurely drive.

When boredom takes over and you’re plum out of things to do with your dog this winter, take a road trip to somewhere warm! Something I want to do with Johann this winter is drive to California and visit a dog friendly beach; it would be nice to get away from the cold for a little while and experience a variety of pet friendly activities in a new city.

Best wishes in all your activities this winter!


4 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Winter Fun 2016

  1. I had no idea that ski resorts have started to become pet friendly – how pawsome! I’d love to take the pups skiing with me. They like pulling me on rollerblades, so I could see them pulling me on cross country skies 😉

    1. Sounds like a blast! As a kid I used to have the family dog pull me on my scooter or bike to the local candy store. He once went after a squirrel while pulling my bike and I fell and skinned my knee pretty bad, although that didn’t stop me from continuing to have him pull me around!

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