Becoming Pet CPR And First Aid Certified

I have completed the Pro Pet Hero cat and dog first aid and CPR training course. I chose this particular certification course because it is the only online pet CPR and first aid course that is veterinarian instructed. I feel that being instructed by a certified veterinarian gives me a little more credibility.

It took about two hours, and I did it over the course of several days. I was able to take it in small chunks, and save my progress. The lessons are taught in video format, which is very thorough in demonstrating correct first aid and CPR procedures. I feel confident after taking this course and passing the certification test that I could substantially help my dog (or someone else’s) in an emergency situation.

What I really liked about this course is that it showed footage of real emergency situations and used up-close demonstrations with real pets. It shows footage of these emergency situations so you know when something is really happening, as opposed to simply thinking your pet is acting strange. The use of real pets also helps with demonstrations, because I am definitely a visual learner. It also proves that the first aid measures can actually be performed on a real animal and not just a stuffed animal, and it shows you how to do it.

This course covers the following topics: monitoring vital signs and behaviors, illness, cardiovascular emergencies, injuries, allergic reactions, respiratory emergencies, performing CPR, and end-of-life procedures. I can honestly say that I learned a lot from this course and that I enjoyed taking it. In order to become certified you must pass the final exam with 80% or more. Throughout the course they ask questions to make sure you’re getting the important information, but these questions do not affect your test score.

If you work in the pet industry, being first aid and CPR certified for cats and dogs definitely gives you a competitive business edge. People want to have their pets groomed and boarded in places where they feel they’ll be safe. If you’re simply a pet owner who loves your furry friends like they’re family, taking this course could help you save your pet’s life in an emergency situation.

When I was in high school, my dog got out and got hit by a car. She passed away, and I can’t help but wonder if I could have helped her had I taken this course before the accident. Now I know that if something ever happens to Johann, I can help him or maybe even save his life. I can sleep a little better at night knowing that I can confidently help my dog in an emergency situation.

If you are interested in becoming cat and dog CPR and first aid certified, click on the image above or visit for more information.

The only compensation provided for this review was a free cat and dog CPR and first aid certification course offered by Pet Pro Hero.

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